Bali Beach Mansion

A stunning beachfront mansion on the pristine beaches of Tabanan, Bali, Bali Beach Mansion is something straight out of a dream. With exquisite and ornate Middle Eastern and European flourishes and gilded interiors, the villa is nothing short of exemplary. It comprises five ensuite bedrooms with spectacular décor that will truly be a sight for sore eyes. Enjoy living in the lap of utmost luxury in this glorious oceanfront location. Ideal for wedding banquets, Bali Beach Mansion features expansive gardens and a private infinity pool area that is best-suited for private gatherings and brunch parties. The five ensuite bedrooms at Bali Beach Mansion are luxe, sophisticated and dripping with elegance. The spacious and well-lit bedrooms are wired for comfort so you wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed, ready to take on the day. Each bedroom comes with tapestried and upholstered walls featuring understated gold tones, the king beds feature a red back while you have modern comforts like air-conditioning and TVs for your entertainment. The ensuite bathrooms are simply fabulous as some of these feature amazing garden bathrooms with a bathtub right in the middle of lush greens and under the vast skies.

Intricate carvings can be seen on each pillar and column of this majestic villa that is not only a dream come true but is the epitome of a tropical luxurious getaway. The infinity swimming pool overlooks the black sand beach with the ocean stretching far and wide. There is a beautifully-designed gazebo right by the pool, the perfect spot for an idyllic view and some evening cocktails. This expansive and spacious outdoor area is suitable for parties such as weddings and the staff can prepare a magical experience just for you.

When it comes to the living areas at Bali Beach Mansion, all worlds lie flat since it is the epitome of opulence and luxury. Pristine white columns support the gorgeous, gilded ceiling while the marble floors glisten under the ambient lighting. The ornate red sofas bring colour to the room while you have plush, white settees and chairs lined around the room for a cosy, comfortable and generous space. You will be reminded of a grand hotel lobby while lounging in the living area as it is designed with absolute finesse.

Dining is a romantic and memorable experience at Bali Beach Mansion. You can choose to dine outdoors while gazing at the mesmerising view or head indoors for a private and more casual setup with loved ones. You can make full use of the modern kitchen that is fully-equipped with everything you need to prepare meals. Alternatively, the staff is all too happy to do as you say taking care of serving only the freshest of flavours upon request.